Management de Consortium Capital (MdeCC)
Your Ultimate Strategic Partner an unparalleled Strategic Business Unit.

We are dedicated to putting the client in control of its resources and future by providing services that meet the client's Energy, Financing, and Investment needs.

We Combine Alternate energy systems and cost efficient traditional energy systems based on local market dynamics to fill the energy gaps of countries most efficiently.

Keys Focus

  1. MdeCC Energy will decentralize energy resources; this will end the dependency on other countries with traditional energy resources
  2. Expertise in FDI, Foreign Contacts, Exclusive relationships with financial institutions and energy projects technology providers, Financial Markets and Engineering to fast track project setup
  3. MdeCC has been created to serve the needs to provide high quality strategic services. MdeCC comprises of combined experience of its senior executives of over 50 years in Finance, Risk, Energy projects, Engineering and project management. Our professionals have been executives of large and medium organizations with long dedicated association.
  4. Our network and experience allows to execute your business deals. MdeCC is a part of the Ivy Company and the Goldman Consortium and brings together the expertise skills and global networks of over 100 Goldman Sachs Alumni and also over 3300 Ivy League Alumni to execute energy projects world wide. MdeCC also has access to over 80,000 members of the Alumni of the Ivy League network which was founded by MdeCC's partner. This is one of the highest trusted large network in the world ensuring the ability to find the best possible and reputable trading partners.

MdeCC uses its world class team to create new partnerships, joint ventures and finding new business opportunities globally.